Energy levels and more

I been told that my low energy levels are not related to my OMPD. I am wondering if anyone else has energy level issues. I can not constraint very long it is starting to affect my work. I am 39 and have problems swallowing, I have to constantly cough when I eat or drink. I workout 3 times a week and eat right. No matter what I do I have weak hip flexors and I.T bands. Thanks for listening


My husband has OPMD (59 years old) and did
get tired due to his eye problems caused by the opmd.
I don’t know if this is relevant in your case .
Best wishes Christine

Hi wvserver,

I am sorry you are facing these challenges at such a young OPMD age. I am curious what other family members had or have OPMD and at what age their OPMD symptoms started.
Many with OPMD experience fatigue symptoms. It is speculated that it might be related to mitochondrial changes that are observed some time after other OPMD symptoms have begun. Because of the rarity of our mutation, doctors are often unknowledgeable about OPMD and it’s nuances. In what area do you live?
Here is something to consider. in some cases, working out can actually cause irreversible exacerbation of the muscle death.
You can find additional information if you do an internet search for OPMD Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy Resources
Best wishes.

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Hi there, Christine,

So true!
Most OPMDers, as well as myself, report the same. We don’t realize how tiring trying to hold our eyelids up to see was, until after we have ptosis correction surgery.

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